Startup Bizclass

Creative Thinking Workshop

This workshop provides participants a learning about the use of creative thinking tools to help startup build their business.


Challenge and Opportunities of Developing Startup Business in Logistics Agriculture Industry


In this industry sharing session, Yohanes Sugihtononugroho as Co Founder of Crowde share his experience and insights about agriculture industry in Indonesia, how to identify business opportunities in agriculture industry, the obstacle and how to overcome.

How to Effectively Pitch Your Business Ideas to Investors


Nazier Ariffin, as the Head of Invetment at Telkomsel, shared from investor side about what startup must prepare before they meet investors or business stakeholders, and how to deliver pitch to investors or business stakeholders.



Understanding Consumer Journey


Participants learn the importance of understanding consumer journey and how to do the consumer journey mapping. This workshop was led by Yudho Hartono, MM, Faculty Member of Prasetiya Mulya.